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クリーン・X-G CLEAN X-G

…ガラス表面への異物の付着度如何により ますが6ヶ月を目安にメンテナンスを行ってください。

★With a super water repellent effect and wind pressure, the view is clear.

…….Intermittent wipe is enough even for a downpour!

★Special Fluorine coating agent on the glass surface

…..Exceptional durability due to chemical bonding. Perform maintenance for approximately 6 months depending on the degree of adhesion of foreign matter to the glass surface.

★No special blade required.

……Any window washer fluid can be used. Easily remove insects and defrost.

★Visibility of the side and rear glass is improved.

Wide your safety perspective.

…….Great for side and rear glass.

クリーン・X-G作業手順 CLEAN X-G Work Procedure


① Rise dust and sand adhering to the glass in advance or wipe it off with a damp towel and finish with a dry and clean towel so that no water remains.



② Shake the dedicated glass-cleaner bottle well and apply an appropriate amount on the dedicated sponge, and throughly polish until it becomes transparent.


③ Rise the glass cleaner throughly with the special sponge(Green).

Note: Do not use the store towels at this time to prevent oil film reattachment.



④ Wipe off the moisture with the attached paper towel and dry it completely.


⑤ Put Fluorine Liquid A and Reaction Liquid B in the blend bottle up to the designated scale, cap and shake 4~5 times.


⑥ Fold 2 sheets of tissue papers vertically and wrap them around the sponge for water repellent.


⑦ Make sure that the glass surface is completely dry, apply 1/2 the amount of the mixed solution in the blend bottle to the tissue paper part of ⑥and apply half of the glass repeatedly ‘Vertically’ and ‘Horizontally’ evenly.Please do the same for the other glass on the other side.


⑧ After finishing the work, replace the tissue paper and wipe the glass surface evenly with a dry wipe.

If the glass surface is still glaring, wipe it with a damp towel and finish with a dry towel.

2回目以降のメンテナンス Second and Subsequent Maintenance


Remove mud, sand, and oil film as per 1-2 times. At this time, even if the coating agent applied last time remains, it doesn’t affect the water repellent effect.Therefore, continue with step 3~8.

★Maintenance is after 6 months.

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