ROYAL クリンテアEXアルコールプラス 「抗ウイルス性を向上させた除菌消臭剤」新発売


高濃度 エタノール(50% 配合)高機能水 配合で瞬間除菌、抗菌効果が持続
100% 天然 由来 成分 の み を 使用 、安心・安全・環境 にも 優 し

We have further upgraded KURINTEA as a virus countermeasure and released “KURINTEA EX ALCOHOL PLUS”.

Product Features

High-concentration ethanol(50% Mixture), High-performance water mixture that provides instant sterilization and sustained antibacterial effect.
Only 100% Natural Ingredients are used, which is safe, secure and environmentally friendly.
Like the conventional KURINTEA, it has a deodorizing effect so you can sterilize and deodorize all at once.
It has a sterilizing effect of “W” that it lasts for about 2 weeks.
You can get a safe effect for a long time with just one push only.
The mint scent is fresh.
KURINTEA EX has a sterilizing effect on places where you are concerned about the smell of pets and the smell of cigarettes.
You can create a comfortable space with KURINTEA EX by blowing a few virus, odors and germs on your car.